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Easter 2018: Holiday car travel tips.

Blog post Easter 2018: Holiday travel tips and general advice. Easter is much like a second Christmas break for many of us: religious associations aside, it’s the line-up of Good Friday and Easter Monday bookending the weekend, along with the Victorian school holidays starting, that sends a lot of people out of town for a decent four-or-more day break. Unfortunately, just like the Victorian Xmas work and school break, Easter is one of the worst times on our roads for accidents, demerit point penalties, licence losses, and for peak-time holiday destination road-traffic gridlock. With many of us planning to get away […]

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New car deals: 2017 plated stock

Blog post late March 2018: With 2018’s first quarter nearly over, some car brands have in their Melbourne holding yards abundant 2017-plated brand-new stock to clear for upcoming 2018-plated new models. There are some amazing brand-new and registered “undriven demonstrator” models available to the public presently for a very short time only. Today [26/03/2018] with a starting budget from $20,000 you should be able to drive away in a brand-new or undriven demo model; automatic small or mid-size hatch or sedan, with some extra safety equipment that is standard with a modern car [compared* to some *used cars of this […]

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WHY Servicing log books (history) on a used car are VERY important

  DABAS blog post: Mid march 2018,  SERVICING/BOOKS/MANUALS (history) Why are they very important on a late-model used car? You may ask. While it’s easy to be blinded by the pristine clean interior, colourful shine, sparkle and sheen of the glimmering engine bay, of that professionally detailed late-model used car at the car yard, grabbing the lowdown of where your car’s been and gone with previous owners by looking through its service history and books/owner manuals may be one of the smartest moves you’ll make. You won’t be able to discern everything about the car as it is unlikely every […]

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A brand new car? Or a used car? It’s your choice.

DABAS blog post early 2018: A brand-new car? – or – A used-car? its your choice; . . . That’s is the big question, you have probably heard how a brand new car loses value the instant you drive it out of the car-yard. While the difference in price is obvious, you may decide that ‘brand new car feel’, safety upgrades and features, fuel economy and warranty timelines can’t be matched in a pre-loved used car. Buying brand new could also be the better choice if you intend on keeping the car for a long time and want some of the latest […]

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Hello Melbourne!

Hello Melbourne . . . and beyond, “Quite simply. we help you buy a car”   Thanks for visiting the DABAS website, Dowling’s Automotive  Buyers Advocacy Services:  Introduces our “New updated” website, . . . with a new blog posting featured section! At DABAS we know that buying a car can be one of the biggest purchases in your life. We look forward to having a chat to assess your personal car buying needs to suit your lifestyle and you’re budget. Please stay tuned for many more interesting post’s and regular updates on some great brand-new and used-car deals as […]

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DABAS: specialising in personal service and drive-away brand-new or used car deals.

Buying a car? Confused with the process? YOU don’t know where to start? Do YOU need help? DABAS can help YOU – with one of our personally tailored car-buying advocacy services we can put a third-party buffer zone between you and the car yard. With one of DABAS's face-to-face car-buying assistance packages, we can help YOU buy your next car cheaper, wiser, less stress whilst saving money! We come to you, face to face consultations, servicing the inner Melbourne and metro region. Whatever roads your lifestyle journey takes you on, DABAS can help you find a car to travel those roads. Please contact DABAS If we can be of assistance in your car-buying journey, for some helpful tips and information scroll to the DABAS blog post’s below, Thanks for visiting; have a great day, Tim