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New car deals: 2017 plated stock

2017 plated Holden Astra R+ is available for a very limited time from $19,990 drive away with Auto Emergency Braking [A.E.B} plus much more!

Blog post late March 2018: With 2018’s first quarter nearly over, some car brands have in their Melbourne holding yards abundant 2017-plated brand-new stock to clear for upcoming 2018-plated new models. There are some amazing brand-new and registered “undriven demonstrator” models available to the public presently for a very short time only.

Today [26/03/2018] with a starting budget from $20,000 you should be able to drive away in a brand-new or undriven demo model; automatic small or mid-size hatch or sedan, with some extra safety equipment that is standard with a modern car [compared* to some *used cars of this budget].

Whilst some great deals are available throughout most brands including Kia, Hyundai, Ford, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Nissan, Mazda, Holden and Toyota, plus more! today l am letting my customers within this starting budget of 20k drive away to consider “as an option” a fantastic deal on 2017-plated new Holden Astras R+ which has a 5-star safety rating, DAB radio, Rear camera  AND auto emergency braking [A.E.B] + much more!  Available in limited colours for a very, very short time at local Melbourne Holden dealers, drive away from $19,990. This represents great value off RRP in this segment [and for the included AEB]; the latest deal also includes a 5-year warranty, 3 years of free servicing, drive-away pricing, which all makes it hard to beat across this segment. Buying now will not leave you disappointed, by the car or the value package!

2017 plated Holden Astra R+

At DABAS we know that buying a car can be one of the biggest purchases in your life. We look forward to having a chat to assess your personal car buying needs to suit your lifestyle and your budget.

Please find below a helpful link to reviews for your perusal on the Holden Astra: reviewed and driven by Peter Anderson from Cars Guide, to find more information and specifications of the Holden Astra model range go to,


The 2017 plated new Holden Astra R+ “looks great from any angle”!

For other car models; brand segments; new or demo-model car deals available at present that my research has uncovered, feel free to contact DABAS on the main website’s tab for more details on how we can help “YOU”

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