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Your day at Auction

Your day at an Automotive Auction with DABAS

Here is some helpful information on your day with a DABAS “auction buddy”  , plus the general automotive auction process. Buying at auction with the DABAS auction buddy service need not be daunting, to assist you we have outlined the process your “Auction Buddy” will take you through on the day,

1} Register:  On the day, after we welcome you, the first thing we will help you with is submitting an auction house’s registration form. You will need photo identification to obtain an auction house’s buyer/bidder number.

2} Review over a cuppa:  Together we will go through the day’s catalogue and peruse the offerings selected to your satisfaction: if applicable check there registration status and service history/books.

3} Bid:  When the time comes for Auction of your selected lot numbers DABAS will be by your side as you bid on the lot within your pre-set budget limitations and DABAS’s researched comparison valuationsAt an automotive auction to bid on a vehicle raise your buyer number – or – your hand making sure the auctioneer can see it clearly.

4} Deposit:  If your bid is successful – congratulations – DABAS will accompany you to the deposits counter to pay the required deposit immediately after the fall of the hammer.

5} Pay:  On the day of sale DABAS will accompany you the payment counter to finalise the payment of your purchase’s invoice.

6} Collect:  Once final payment is received in full by the auction houses cashier and receipted your vehicle can be released to you, on the day of sale DABAS can accompany you to the gatehouse for your vehicles pick up.

Note: DABAS recommends that before you take delivery of your new vehicle that once the full invoice payment for your  purchased vehicle is complete and receipted to take out a 3rd party property damage car insurance policy {at a minimum} with your preferred car insurance provider.

At DABAS we know that buying a car to suit your needs can be one of the biggest purchases in your life; we hope this DABAS webpage has provided some helpful assistance for you in deciding the path of your car-buying journey.

We look forward to having a chat when the need arises for you to update your car; to assess your personal car-safety requirements and buying needs to suit your lifestyle.  And importantly your set specified budget! 

Whatever roads your life journey takes you on, DABAS can help you find a car to travel those roads.

When it comes time to update your car DABAS is aware of some things to consider within popular automotive brands and their model ranges, plus more information on the varying segments and opposition brand comparisons; also other things to keep in mind – including when you are trading in your old car at a LMCT used-car yard – and the special trade-in incentives offered on drive-away-no-more-to-pay deals obtainable – at times – within leading brands’ Melbourne LMCT brand-new and used car dealerships.

These will be discussed upon your transition to becoming a client of DABAS.

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Enjoy your new car: purchased with the help from our unique”DABAS Auction Buddy” service.

Please note, as clients have individually tailored needs for their DABAS automotive buying journey, all information mentioned on these pages should be considered as a basic guide and general summary.

All information and advice mentioned in our blog pages may be outdated or superseded by the time of your reading of this page.

Information on this page can be discussed and clarified – if needed – upon your transition to becoming a client of DABAS.

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Buying a car? Confused with the process? YOU don’t know where to start? Do YOU need help? DABAS can help YOU – with one of our personally tailored car-buying advocacy services we can put a third-party buffer zone between you and the car yard. With one of DABAS's face-to-face car-buying assistance packages, we can help YOU buy your next car cheaper, wiser, less stress whilst saving money! We come to you, face to face consultations, servicing the inner Melbourne and metro region. Whatever roads your lifestyle journey takes you on, DABAS can help you find a car to travel those roads. Please contact DABAS If we can be of assistance in your car-buying journey, for some helpful tips and information scroll to the DABAS blog post’s below, Thanks for visiting; have a great day, Tim