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What needs servicing on an Electric Vehicle?

DABAS Blog post : What needs servicing on an electric vehicle. Hello readers, hope all is going well as Melbourne continues to emerge from C19 hibernation. Today’s modern electric cars are gaining popularity with inner metropolitan Melbourne new car-buyers that have access to off street garage parking – with a power point. With that in mind, lets have a generalized look at what the suggested service regime for an electric car (EV) is. Today’s modern electric vehicles (EV’s) may be at the forefront of powertrain technology choices when you’re choosing a brand-new MY22 vehicle, but did you realise apart from […]

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Post COVID-19 restrictions: Future car-buying and COVID-19.

DABAS blog 2021 Post restrictions: Future 2021 car buying and COVID-19. Hello readers, hoping all is going as well as possible. During the continuing varied C19 lockdowns here in Melbourne and around Australia. The automotive sales arena has been severely impacted – by past and current – C19 restrictions. Now, with having endured the continuing lockdowns and worldwide production delays, most new car buyers are being affected. Many even found this before these most recent lockdowns, having experienced delivery delays and the widely reported increases in retail prices. On the bright side, your current car’s pending future sale or trade-in […]

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The best brand-new car warranties in 2021.

DABAS blog post; 2021, Car makers who offer the best Australian warranties in 2021. Hello readers, hope all is going well. After the recent year’s significant upheaval due to the C19 lockdowns, restrictions, and associated manufacturing delays worldwide; many people, when thinking of  updating their car, are now curious to know which vehicle manufacturer brands offer the best warranties, for their future motoring peace of mind. The good news is that, now in 2021, new-vehicle warranties are longer and more generous than ever, but which ones are the best?  Brand-new vehicle manufacturers in 2021 have some of the best warranties […]

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Heading off? cut the cost of your trip.

DABAS blog post early 2021, Heading off? cut the cost of your trip Hello readers. After Melbournians stayed close to home for most of the 2020 year due to Melbourne’s recent C19 ring of steel lockdowns, including the distance and regional postcode travel restrictions; a lot of us are now looking forward to the upcoming Easter school holidays. It seems some petrol companies may be eagerly awaiting Melbournians upcoming Easter road trips too, as It seems every holiday period in Melbourne the price of petrol can rise dramatically. Whilst DABAS cannot control petrol prices, we can offer some tips for […]

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Ten brand-new small automatic cars under $20,000.

Dabas Blog early 2021: Ten brand-new automatic cars under $20k. Hello readers, as we embark into early 2021 and the new C19 normal, many people, pending their chosen occupation, are still mostly working from home. They may continue to do so under sufferance – or enjoyably into the future. Due to this new 2021 C19 normal, some people are avoiding public transport preferring to stay in their Covid19 free bubble. Melbourne car-buyers are re-evaluating their vehicle needs when updating a car or entering the new-car market for the first time, including their desired spending budget and size of new car. […]

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MY21 Delays? Here’s twenty+ late-model used cars to consider.

DABAS BLOG early 2021. MY21 delivery delays?  Here’s twenty+  late-model used cars to consider. Hello Readers, welcome to 2021 in Melbourne. After the c19 lockdowns in 2020 limited your movements to inspect vehicles at LMCT caryards, restrictions are now eased, a new C19 normal in place and you have decided to buy a new car. Fantastic, how exciting. Whether it is an upsize, downsize, update or your very first car purchase, you need to decide whether you will go for a new car or a late model low-kilometre LMCT used car. Is one ultimately better than the other, or is […]

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Tips for regional holiday travel in 2020-21.

DABAS Blog: Tips for regional holiday travel in 2020-21. Hello readers, Xmas 2020 is just days away, and the summer school holidays are upon us once again. After most of this year here in CBD Melbourne under strict covid19 restrictions limiting or nullifying our road-trip travel plans we may have taken in a normal year: pre-covid19. Melbourne’s strict C19 restrictions have eased, thus allowing us to travel regionally once again, especially to our favourite regional holiday spot; maybe to family in other states, pending any current state border restrictions in place regarding your chosen destination/state. Before embarking on a road […]

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Melbourne’s automotive industry’s new C19 normal.

DABAS Blog – The Melbourne automotive industry’s new C19 normal. Hello Readers, the well-publicised recent easing of metro Melbourne C19 restrictions was very welcome news to all, including the entire associated automotive industry. As the whole of Victoria moves from stay-home measures and restrictions to a new stay-safe C19 prevention plan “normal”, this means there are no longer restrictions on the reasons to leave home. You can now test drive that new car or late-model used car in person, if desired. This is fantastic news to car enthusiasts and motorists alike, as Melbourne’s LMCT caryards and all associated automotive businesses […]

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The 10 secrets to successful car cleaning.

DABAS blog – The ten secrets to successful car-cleaning. Hello readers: hoping all is going well as we approach summer 2020. During our most recent Stage 4 Melbourne C19 restrictions our vehicles were mostly sitting parked idle and not clocking up the regular commuting and/or social travel kilometres usually driven a year ago. Now Melbourne’s coronavirus lockdown restrictions are slowly easing – pending your postcode – and we can venture further distances from our home in progressive stages (even hopefully, allowed to travel on a local regional holiday by Xmas). But, before we start using our cars – aka the […]

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“Time travel” anyone? during stage 4 Melbourne Covid-19 lockdowns.

DABAS blog – 2020 “time travel anyone?  during Stage 4 Melbourne Covid-19 lockdowns. Hello readers, hoping all is going as well as possible during September’s continuing stage 4 Covid-19 lockdowns here in Melbourne. There is light at the end of this Covid-19 lockdown tunnel – with a well-publicised road-map out – it just seems that currently in Melbourne we are stuck for a few more weeks in the MCG’s car-park – or – the Geelong road freeway boom gates, still waiting for the car’s navigation systems to update so as to be let out onto that road-map. Or, alternatively in […]

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DABAS: specialising in personal service and drive-away brand-new or used car deals.

Buying a car? Confused with the process? YOU don’t know where to start? Do YOU need help? DABAS can help YOU – with one of our personally tailored car-buying advocacy services we can put a third-party buffer zone between you and the car yard. With one of DABAS's face-to-face car-buying assistance packages, we can help YOU buy your next car cheaper, wiser, less stress whilst saving money! We come to you, face to face consultations, servicing the inner Melbourne and metro region. Whatever roads your lifestyle journey takes you on, DABAS can help you find a car to travel those roads. Please contact DABAS If we can be of assistance in your car-buying journey, for some helpful tips and information scroll to the DABAS blog post’s below, Thanks for visiting; have a great day, Tim