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DABAS: Past blog index.

Archived index of –  the past timeline of DABAS blog pages.


Welcome to the DABAS websites blog’s content shortcuts page.

As DABAS’s published blog articles numbers grow, we thought all the past main blog titles and headings deserved a dedicated page of links for your ease of navigation to an interesting article that may suit your car buying needs. This index of DABAS blog content is of past published DABAS blog articles – updated regularly – to find this month’s most recent DABAS blog articles please scroll to the bottom of the main website’s homepage.

# Please note; information mentioned on these pages is to be considered as a general-in-nature summary; all information and advice mentioned may be outdated or superseded by the time of your reading of these pages; all information will be confirmed at the time of your transition to becoming a client of DABAS. As clients have individually tailored needs for their DABAS automotive buying journey, information mentioned on these pages should be considered as a basic guide and general summary. Information on this page can be discussed and clarified – if needed – upon your transition to becoming a client of DABAS.

DABAS offers flexible personal assistance to clients on their car-buying journey tailored to suit their individual budgetary needs. DABAS services can be delivered in a vast variety of ways, including – but not limited to –  phone consultation/s, Zoom meetings, research emails, research links, LMCT yard email link referrals, even face-to-face meetings at a car-yard/s, in the cafe at an LMCT car-yard or at the café of a leading Melbourne automotive auction house; even in your home if required. The choice is totally yours pending personal needs and the urgency timelines of being behind the wheel of your next car. DABAS services are offered flexibly – as stages in a journey – you pick what stage of your journey you may need DABAS’s assistance – maybe?, the full journey, or – just vehicle selection/clarification?, or – just a car-yard buffer zone, help with the yard process?

The Blog articles are listed from the newest archived articles to the oldest.

Please click on the highlighted link of the past Blog title you would like to read,

Keep in mind that when looking at buying a brand-new MY19 or MY20 vehicle, as with any big decision, it’s best to do research before stepping a toe into an LMCT dealership; DABAS can assist by doing this for you, looking at factors such as fuel economy, safety, technology, servicing schedules and costs, plus added extras that may all help in your final purchase decision, as each vehicle’s variant in the model range is usually available with progressing arrays of added inclusions that may suit your personal needs to a tee. Comparing new cars solo by yourself can be very time-consuming, and at times confusing, but with DABAS’s assistance the modest service fee charged for our assistance will have been well worth it when you get behind the wheel of your ideal dream car, knowing the vehicle suits your lifestyle and hip pocket, both now and in the long run!

We hope you find this DABAS information index page an interesting read. Hopefully, It may even shine some light on information that assists you in selecting a suitable vehicle for your personal car-buying selection journey.

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December 2018; Feature: Xmas road-trip safety tips.

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November 2018; Focus on: A brand-new SUV for under 25k – The MY19  ASX ES.

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September 2018; Focus on – The brand-new 12th generation 2018 Corolla hatchback range.

September 2018; What car safety acronyms do you get included V. your budgets dollar.

September 2018; Car safety: LDW, LKA, ACC – what do they mean?

August 2018; A brand-new 7-seater option? – The (August) 2018 Mazda CX-9.

August 2018; Used-car: The Toyota Kluger 7-seater, 2014 update.

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July 2018; On Sale: The 11th Generation Toyota Corolla.

July 2018; The DABAS journey : To buying a brand-new – or – loved used car

July 2018; Focus on: The brand-new 2018 Kia Cerato sedan

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June 2018; EOFY Sales: AEB will it seal your EOFY deal? and what is AEB anyway?

June 2018; On EOFY sale: The 2018 Hyundai Kona

June 2018; New car focus: The 2018 Honda CR-V

June 2018; On Sale: The Current Honda HR-V

May 2018; News: Ford Australia updates to a 5 year unlimited km warranties

May 2018; featured Dabas client request: A wheelchair accessible vehicle; Sales and rentals

May 2018; new era dawns: Holden new 2018 ZB Commodore range.

May 2018; used-car focus: The VE to VFII SERIES Commodore journey.

April 2018; warranties: Are they 2018’s new-car purchases deciding factor.

April 2018; used car focus: The Subaru Impreza AWD: 2012 to 2016.

April 2018; on sale this week: Small city car-KIA Picanto.

April 2018; is it time to update your car? Some general tips.

Easter 2018; holiday car travel tips.

March 2018; new-car deals: 2017 plated stock.

March 2018; why servicing log books (history) on a used car are very important.

February 2018; a brand-new? – Or used-car? – It’s your choice.


February 2018; Hello Melbourne, welcome to DABAS’s new & updated website . . . with a blog.

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