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Car ownership; the perfect Covid19 social distance bubble.

Car ownership: the perfect social-distancing bubble.

Hello Readers,

Hoping all is going as well as possible during these current stage four Covid19 lockdowns in metropolitan Melbourne.

During these Covid19 times, as strict social distancing restrictions continue throughout Melbourne and parts of Australia, guess what? – vehicle ownership, it is on more people’s minds and on the list of things to do once Covid19 restrictions lift.

Thoughts of car-ownership are even gaining popularity amongst the most loyal public transport and ride-share app supporters.

Which will be something to look forward to, as, at the time of writing this blog, LMCT caryards across Melbourne are closed to the public for in-person viewings and test drives due to the current stage four restrictions.

The old saying that the more things change, the more they remain the same could not be more apt in this current climate with Melbourne’s ongoing and increasing social-distancing restrictions.

At the time of first-wave coronavirus lockdowns in early 2020, new-car sales in Melbourne and around the world fell to alarming levels; as a result, manufacturing plants around the world closed or drastically reduced production capacity. Most of these facilities are now slowly resuming vehicle production.

Some parts of our lives – and in most other states of Australia – were, pending your postcode – slowly returning to a “new-normal” including consumers researching car-buying wish-lists along with the associated maintenance that comes with car ownership, as mentioned in a previous DABAS blog.

It is still incredibly early days, especially day-by-day here in Melbourne, as we endure a second wave of infections within Victoria. But as we look around the new normal of people avoiding public transport like trains and buses, even taxis plus rideshare companies, one thing is clear – owning and using personal transport like a car has never been a more attractive option to ensure you keep your social distance whilst partaking in essential travels and caregiving during these stage four Victorian lockdowns.

It is true, in 2020’s modern internet age, there are now many more transport options available, especially in urban and suburban areas. People can use vehicles on a pay-per-use or subscription basis, and of course, home-delivery services of food plus most household items and all your other internet shopping mean some people do have less need to travel. For those who do – pending your postcode – using a personal vehicle, the make and model they prefer – with all the options they desire, and all the comfort settings where they want them to be – is what a lot of people do prefer. Right now, and into the foreseeable future of Covid19 times, personal ownership of a vehicle does also provide the ultimate in coronavirus social distancing. It has been reported that- in the sphere of personal transport- we will come a full circle. Heading out on the highways (when restrictions allow – or ease – pending your postcode) on our own terms in a new-car. The perfect way to ensure a social distance bubble is a car with all the freedom, comfort, safety, and choice that brings. Personal car-ownership will become part of the new normal – rather than the latest ride-share app – both here in Melbourne, Australia, and around the world.

So, when the time comes to buy your perfect 2020-2021 social distancing bubble – a new-car – in post Melbourne lockdowns, DABAS knows that buying a car to suit your needs can be one of the biggest purchases in your life. DABAS offers flexible personal assistance to clients on their car-buying journeys tailored to suit their individual budgetary needs. DABAS services can be delivered in a vast variety of ways, including – but not limited to –  phone consultation/s, Zoom meetings, research emails, research links, LMCT yard email link referrals, face-to-face meetings at a car-yard/s, in the cafe at an LMCT car-yard or at the café of a leading Melbourne automotive auction house; even in your home if required. The choice is totally yours pending personal needs and the urgency timelines of being behind the wheel of your next car.

DABAS services are offered flexibly, as stages in a journey. You pick what stage of your journey you may need DABAS’s assistance: maybe the full journey, or just vehicle selection/clarification, or just providing a car-yard buffer zone and help with the yard process.

We hope this intended to be “general-in-nature advice and information” page has provided some helpful assistance for you in deciding the path of your car-buying journey. By clicking on the included highlighted links It may even shine some light on other information that assists you in selecting a suitable vehicle for your personal car-buying needs by providing some useful “very general-in-nature” information to help you on your vehicle selection journey.

Please note any examples, options, pricing and information mentioned in our blog pages are to be considered as a very general-in-nature summary; all specifications,  information in all DABAS pages will be confirmed at the time of you updating into your next vehicle, along with your chosen vehicle’s sales representative in their LMCT showroom at the time you transition to your selected stages with DABAS.

Whatever roads your life journey takes you on, DABAS can help you find a car to travel those roads.

Have a great day, Cheers, Tim.

Please note: information mentioned on this page is to be considered as a general-in-nature summary, as clients have individually tailored needs for their DABAS automotive buying journey, information mentioned on these pages should be considered as a basic guide and general summary. Information on this page can be discussed and clarified – if needed – upon your transition to becoming a client of DABAS.

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