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Don’t forget to look after your car too! – during these Covid19 times.

Hello Readers, hoping all is going as well as possible during these Covid19 restricted times in Melbourne. Are you remembering to look after your car –  as well as yourself?  Melbourne’s current ongoing Coronavirus situation is putting pressure on households in many ways; and of course, this extends to managing the normal round of family and household bills. Previous history has shown that things can tighten up financially in situations like those we are experiencing in Melbourne presently. In those instances, car maintenance – and more specifically its regular log-book servicing – can take a back seat and, in some […]

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Holden, farewell and thanks for the fond memories: a brief look at the history of Holden cars.

DABAS blog: C19 Lockdown restrictions reading article 2020– Hello readers, hoping you, your families – and all – are well during these Covid19 restricted times. In this DABAS blog post due to the current lockdown, let us take a step back from looking at a new model MY20 vehicle: with – l hope- an interesting distraction: an historical look back at one of Australia’s favourite car makers, Holden. Back on February the 17th of this year it was incredibly sad news to hear that the Holden-badged car is – by year’s end – to be no more, with the head office […]

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Australia’s best selling small SUV “The ASX” updated for MY20 .

DABAS BLOG FEBUARY 2020: The updated MY20 Mitsubishi ASX. Hello readers, Melbourne’s 2019-20 summer holidays are over, and another school year has just started; as with previous years, the Mitsubishi ASX continues to dominate the school drop-off zone and Australia’s rapidly expanding small SUV market (DABAS featured the MY19 ASX in a past blog). Recently, for MY20, it received its third and most significant upgrade, bringing substantial design, safety, multimedia and powertrain advances. The Mitsubishi ASX has been in showrooms since before August 2010, yet reportedly it’s still Australia’s most popular small SUV in one of the most contested segments of the […]

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KIA, Its new small SUV – The MY20 KIA Seltos range.

DABAS BLOG JANUARY 2020: KIA – its new small SUV, the KIA Seltos range. Hello readers, hoping your new year 2020 is off to a good start and all your holiday travels went well. It’s that time of the year again – yes – now it’s 2020 there are many great drive-away deals on MY19-plated vehicles across the LMCT dealerships’ sales-boards. Also, Melbourne hosts the Australian Open tennis tournament later in the month with KIA motors being once again a major sponsor. At last year’s Australian Open tennis tournament Kia launched its warmly anticipated new MY19 range of Cerato hatchbacks, […]

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Tips for a safe Holiday road-trip.

DABAS blog December 2019: Some tips for a safe road-trip this holiday season. Hello readers, DABAS hopes all is going well as your Xmas and New Year’s celebrations are in full swing. With another year – 2019 – ending at the close of this month, lots of us in Melbourne (AU) are anticipating having some days off work or will be on annual leave. Lots of you, I’m sure, will be taking advantage of the Xmas-New Year public holidays and annual work break by having a road-trip holiday to your favourite inland or beachside destination with friends and family, either […]

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Four popular brand-new MY19 small cars priced under $20,000.

DABAS blog November 2019, Four popular brand-new MY19 small cars priced under $20,000: Hello readers, hoping you backed a winner at this year’s VRC Flemington spring carnival – or, if you didn’t follow the horses – at least you are getting a chance to enjoy November’s – intermittent at times – spring sunshine. Following on from last month’s blog post let’s briefly look at four popular small car choices that are priced under $20,000. The days when light/small cars and city runabouts were unsafe and unreliable are long gone, many popular vehicle manufacturers now offer high-quality light/small and micro cars […]

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Buying a used car : something to think about before you sign the contract.

DABAS blog October 2019 FYI – Buying a used car? Something to think about before you sign the contract. Hello readers, Melbourne’s weather is warming up slowly and the Victorian third-term school holidays, the Royal Melbourne show and the AFL grand final are all behind us for another year. The end of year, university break and Xmas are quickly approaching: 2019 is certainly motoring by. Melbourne’s winter 2019 ocean swimmers, after enduring a temperature low of 8 degrees in Port Phillip Bay this August, are now glad Melbourne’s daylight savings with its longer sunnier days and warmer weather is here, […]

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The new MY19 model Toyota RAV4 Range.

DABAS blog September 2019, Hello readers, thirty years ago, in your local shopping strip you could count the number of SUVs on one hand. Now in 2019 with more than three dozen choices of SUVs available, they are found in locust-plague proportions. Indeed, for the past two years Australians have bought more SUVs than passenger cars – and this gap seems to be getting bigger. Today it seems MY19 vehicle buyers prefer the higher seating position of an SUV for enhanced vision of the road ahead. Plus, it is easier to get the growing family – including baby capsules – […]

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The MY19 Mitsubishi Triton, a dual-cab ute with AEB +more for under $36.3k

Dabas blog July 2019; Hello readers, hoping your footy team is in one of the eight top spots of the AFL ladder – and still has the original main coach as in game number one of the 2019 AFL season. With the top eight spots in mind – and as mentioned briefly in last month’s DABAS blog post – and whilst responding to a client’s blog-topic request – let’s look more closely at the number three-selling utility amongst Australian buyers so far this year: the MY19 Mitsubishi Triton. Dual-cab utilities are now seemingly replacing the previous generation’s Holden or Ford […]

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10 “privately funded” MY19 vehicles

DABAS Blog June 2019: Ten popular “privately funded” MY19 vehicles.   Hello readers, hoping your vehicle’s heater is working well now that Melbourne winter’s 2019 season is officially here, as this coming week’s temperatures are predicted to be the coldest – so far – in 2019. As mentioned in last month’s blog post, dual-cab utilities and SUVs get fantastic results in the “overall” Australian sales figures each month, but did you realise that reportedly the most popular new car for Australian families buying a car with their own money – for their own private use – is a hatchback? Toyota’s […]

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