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The updated MY19 Ford Ranger.

DABAS blog post: late May 2019, the updated MY19 Ford Ranger range. Hello readers, hoping all is going well, as the “official first-day of winter” and the 2019 snow season quickly approaches, in Victoria, Australia. Earlier this month DABAS’s blog post briefly looked at the 10 best-selling MY19 vehicles – so far – in 2019; the Ford Ranger variants took the silver medal, in second place behind the Toyota Hi-lux range. As it is now one of Australia’s best-selling vehicles month to month in 2019, the updated MY19 Ford Ranger is proving very popular amongst Australian families and tradespeople alike. […]

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Ten best selling MY19 Vehicles of early 2019.

Dabas blog; Early May 2019 – Ten of the most popular cars so far in 2019. Hello readers, hoping the Easter holidays 2019 went well, and you are now settling back into another school term of peak-hour traffic on our Melbourne roads. Over the recent holiday period DABAS had inquiries from clients – overwhelmed by all the MY19 brand-new-car choices – asking which new MY19 car they should buy. Some clients thought just seeing what other people have bought may have been a good starting point – but, as they were advised at their first consultation, for long-term satisfaction – […]

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3 things: When buying a used-hybrid vehicle.

Dabas blog post, late April 2019: 3 things to consider when buying a used hybrid vehicle. Hello, “Happy Easter 2019 holiday weekend!”- from DABAS – to all blog readers, As mentioned in the previous two DABAS blog posts, hybrid vehicles can be one of the more environmentally efficient ways to drive a bit greener – (including over this 2019 Easter Holiday long weekend: for Easter travel tips please click here) – they offer smaller fuel-consumption figures and a much cleaner carbon footprint than a fully loaded fossil-fuel-powered car like that Linamint – in colour – Holden Torana GTR-XU1 from 1971. […]

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Five popular MY19 Hybrids – from $24k

Five popular MY19 hybrid vehicles; DABAS Blog early April 2019: Hello readers, here in DABAS’s hometown of Melbourne, Australia – and around the world – hybrid cars are presently – increasingly – getting new-car buyers’ curiosity.  As mentioned with more detail in last month’s DABAS blog post on environment-minded cars, they can save you money at your local petrol station and they are much kinder on the environment than the family’s Holden VB Commodore from 1979 (or your Ford solar orange XD Falcon, if you’re a Ford enthusiast). DABAS has recently had enquiries asking which mainstream popular hybrid vehicles are […]

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Environment minded cars.

DABAS blog post – late March 2019: Environmentally friendly car-buying – some things to consider. Hello readers, as Earth Hour is approaching at the end of this month, if you are thinking of turning off your lights (from 8.30pm till 9.30 on the 30th of March 2019), at DABAS we suggest you keep your headlights on – if driving – for your obvious road safety, and instead investigate other ways in which your new-car purchasing choice can be environmentally friendly. With that in mind, if you’re in the market for a new (or near-new) car, you might want to consider […]

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Brand-new car warranties in 2019

Dabas blog early March 2019: New-car warranties in 2019; Hello readers, with various brands’ MY19  brand-new or MY19-updated vehicles offering consumers many variants with amazing safety technology and fuel economy – some models from a starting entry-level budget of $16,000 to $22,000 – this all makes for a very competitive sales environment between the competing brands’ showroom floors, with all of the brand badges keen to get your signature on their sale contract to make their monthly KPI targets – and hold market position – against opposition brands and segment rivals. With a lot of vehicle brands now sharing engines, […]

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MY19 KIA Cerato hatch – safety acronyms under $21k

The new Kia MY19 Cerato Hatchback – DABAS blog post late February 2019;  Hello readers, KIA’s small cars have grown – both in popularity and physical size – over the years so they are now a popular choice for young families as well as singles and couples. Whist last month we were enduring Melbourne’s record scorching summer heat, captivated by tennis players at the Australian open tennis, including the bookies’ less-favoured contender Naomi Osakas and her fantastic win in the championship round over the bookies’ favourite Petra Kvitova, KIA – the Australian Open Tennis major sponsor – quietly, finally launched the much-anticipated […]

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The MY19 Isuzu MU-X: Tow 3000kg for below $43K!

Dabas Blog early February 2019 – The Isuzu MUX a towing vehicle “for under $43k!” Hello readers, Yes, the Xmas holidays are over for the summer of 2018-2019: The kids are back at school? and this new year has hit the ground running for us all! Before DABAS focuses in upcoming blog posts about some of 2019’s brand-new car launches and drive-away deals, as well as model/vehicle MY19 updates of many popular vehicle brands, let’s step back,  considering that last month’s blogs on “non-ute” tow vehicles created a lot of interest amongst readers. Many people wanted to know more about the *sharply […]

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5 heavy-load towing vehicles “without a tray!”

DABAS blog post: Mid-January 2019 FYI – Five heavy-load towing vehicles “without a tray” Hello readers: So, you would like to tow something heavy? like a horse float or large caravan? but you need more seats? (and don’t want a dual-cab ute, or the enormous Dodge Ram). Well, the last decade’s rise in popularity of the SUV is well documented, and it’s due in no small part to how adept modern 4WDs are at fitting a growing family, or grey nomads’ luggage in whilst towing boats, camper trailers, caravans or horse floats. But if you are buying a large SUV, […]

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FYI: Towing safely – some things to be aware of

DABAS blog post: Early January 2019: Towing safely – some things to be aware of, Hello readers, “Happy New Year 2019”. At DABAS we hope your Xmas day and New Year’s Eve celebrations all went well. With Xmas lunch and New Year’s celebrations now over, a lot of us look at heading away on a road-trip, often towing caravans or camping-cargo-laden trailers to our favourite holiday destinations. Gone are the days of the summer of 1969, when people thought the family’s Holden Kingswood 308 V8 or the VC VIP Valiant with the 318 V8 could tow anything safely that we […]

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